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Collaboration is key

Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky.
-Sonia Ghandi

Interested in working with me? I enjoy working with a team of engineers developing new projects for world-wide access.

Who am I...?

Hello there! My name is Jonathan

I enjoy spending my free time increasing my mechanical and software library by reading textbooks and demonstrating my knowledge through innovative and challenging projects.

Robot Builder

Mechanical Engineering Skills

As a engineer, my job is to assist you the best to my ability which includes the following skills:



Microsoft Office Suite


Design Project Flow Chart


Problem Solver


Technological Skills

In the technical side of things, I enjoy general development within:

Semantic HTML5

Responsive CSS3







My Latest Work

I always enjoy learning new softwares and programming languages to gain new design insights. Here are some of my completed projects that demonstrates my skill set.

A MATLAB program using Newton's Method was used to calculate the dynamic response of a windshield wiper mechanism...

A SOLIDWORKS file that displays a detailed a robotic arm as well as a GUI to potentially drive the mechanism...

A Fortran program which estimates the derivative of a function based on its value at discrete points...

A SOLIDWORKS simulated project which observes the mechanical motion of a vehicle's engine...

A design and stress analysis on helical gears for future use in a synchromesh gearbox...

A collection of SOLIDWORKS projects developing conceptual detailed designs that ensures product functionality and life cycle...

Why work with me?

There are many advantages to working with me:

Passionate about success

I believe that accomplishments are made y passionate people working together.


I may not know everything, but I am confident in my ability to learn something new and produce results that count.


I am happy to accommodate a new experience while delivering satisfaction within the company.