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This is another design project that utilizes ANSYS 18.1 to observe the behavior of a helical gear under certain loading and deformation conditions. The helical gear is designed in SOLIDOWORKS 2018 where it is then imported over to the finite element software. The gear itself is designed in five different helix angles, each carrying three different metallic elements. The objective of this project is to see which of the three materials at different helix angles can withstand large impacts within a synchromesh transmission gear box. The project is divided into three parts; the introduction to the helical gear, the analysis, and the results.

Software Languages Used:

  • ANSYS 18.1

Equations were in place within the helical gear so that it can be tailored in any way.

Parameters such as the mass of the helical gear (1118 grams) was imported.

Project Screenshot
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